The First Art Fair of 2010

So yesterday I attended my first art fair of 2010.  I was armed with some new pieces and some snazzy looking prints  of my new work (example pictured).  I was looking forward to trying out the new stuff particularly.  Yet it didn’t all go totally according to plan.

The fair was situated in quite a bohemian and affluent area of Liverpool, it was a Saturday and the glorious weather had brought quite a crowd onto the streets, so you would think that the venue would have been packed out with punters.  Well it was quite the opposite!

I didn’t make a singles sale and I was stuck inside a village hall, in stead of enjoying the sunshine like everyone else.  It was kind of soul destroying to be honest.  I only got to talk to one or two people about my work and they were fellow stall holders – none were potential customers!

So after a day like that how do you pick yourself up and get on with it?  How do you self motivate and regain your enthusiasm.  Right now I feel like it would be very easy to give up.

Not a good start to my artistic year!


Getting Down to Business

The business part of working as an artist is something that I find quite difficult.

I am a layed back type and more importantly all I ever want to do is artwork!  I am not lazy, yet I can never seem to be motivated enough to do the necessary chores, such as reviewing my prices, banging out the emails to clients and chasing things that haven’t been done by suppliers.

Not only does the business side not inspire me, but I just can’t do it!  The marketing ideas don’t come easily and even though I did my GCSE Maths a year early and generally excelled academically in school I don’t seem to have retained any of that knowledge over the subsequent four years.  Therefore when it comes to balancing the books, I haven’t got a clue!

I have had quite a successful day, business wise.  Having secured an exciting new client, I am actually buzzing for the first time in a while.

But just how do you keep the momentum?  Whilst I am obviously a creative person, I am not creative in a business sense – I don’t know what sells and the ideas don’t come thick and fast.

So readers, please let me know.  All help would be appreciated.  How do you get motivated when it comes to number crunching?  And just how do you come up with the ideas that sell your wares?

K.M. x

Some Inspiration

After a period of time without doing much artwork I am finally begnning to get inspired and the bug is back!  Having not much art around me and no venues available to sell at, the last month and a half has been one of very little activity on the creative front.

However I have become more aware that the 27th March (date of the first art fair of the year) is drawing very close.  This has prompted me to get the pencils, paint, paper and canvas out more frequently over the past week. 

With some fresh ideas flowing and the knowledge of what worked well in my first year of exhibiting and selling,  I am heading into 2010’s with some confidence and a new level of inspiration.

Though to say that the promise of selling is my only inspiration wouldn’t be quite right.  Sometimes the best way to bring enthusiasm in is to look at what others are doing. is a great site.  It is a community of young artists showcasing some stunning talent.  Art magazines have been another usefull tool when it comes to whetting my appetite for art, with all the works that are displayed inside.

Looking at the work of others make me challenge myself and also inspires.

So readers where do you find inspiration?

New Year

So it is new year, I haven’t done very much over Christmas and it is high time I got on with some work!  Apart from my ‘proper job’, I haven’t done much at all so far this year.

I have some exciting projects that are just starting to take shape, which is giving me the bug again and what with the change in the weather, there is inspiration all around me.  So why is it that I just can’t get going?

I think the answer is too much festive laziness and a lack of a plan or any confirmed commissions or  projects to motivate me.

So away I go to hatch a plan and act upon it asap!  This time of year is a tough one, so proactivity is key!  With a huge lack of commissions and art fairs to sell at, my focus needs to be planning and producing some good work, whilst promoting what i do of course!

A Proud Moment

One of my proudest moments as an artist so far, is being featured and recognised for my work in a UK art magazine.

Recognition is a fantastic thing.  Seeing my work in a UK publication, with a brief description and my biography printed before me, was a moment of sheer pride for me.

The feature was listed in the Portfolio section of Artists and Illustrators magazine (which is read by artists up and down the country).  The Portfolio section focuses on talented emerging artists, and for the September 2009 issue I was highlighted as being on of them.

The article was penned a few months before the release of the magazine, so quite naturally, when I picked up the issue and opened it I had forgotten about the possibility of being in there.  The resultant shock, pride and excitement was a truly great feeling!

So what happens next?  How do I top my work being recognised on this scale?

Well first of all I need to work hard.  By working hard I improve, when I improve I feel satisfied and I feel proud.

Quite simply I don’t have to have the approval of others to feel great about my work – that feeling can come from within, though I do think we all need the approval of others to justify what we do and give us that buzz!

So me question is, do others agree?

In March 2010 I will have an article in the UK’s Leisure Painter magazine.  The contents of the article will take you through my painting process and will highlight a number of my works.

I can’t wait for it to come out – after all outside recognition is great!

K. M. x




So this is my first post! 

An introduction to how this blog will run –  I am an artist based in Merseyside, England and this will be my outlet for the day to day goings on  and my thoughts on the artists world.

That was short but sweet eh?


K.M. x